Book review | My thoughts—It’s Always Been You

This story by author Hadley Raydeen is full of surprises. Karis Elderson was fifteen when she first met and kissed seventeen year old Rhett Carlson. Soon after, Rhett and his father would argue, and Karis would not see Rhett for another twenty years. Karis’s life had seen tragedy first losing her mother at fifteen, then her husband at the age of twenty-eight. She has had one constant in her life, Mr. Andrew Carlson.

Karis is planning Mr. Carlson’s ”surprise” birthday party, and one of the surprises arrives before time. Rhett Carlson has to be one of the most handsome men Karis has ever seen. To top it off, the mutual attraction they felt in the past is burning and that some will only get brighter. Things are working out so well when tragedy strike, and Rhett doesn’t react well to it and adding more flame to the fire Meghan; Rhett’s ex-wife shows up. It seems like these two can’t catch a break. It was a good read.

Rated: 4 stars

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