Book review | My thoughts—Mick Sinatra: Needing Her Again

Whew child! Okay, Mallory Monroe, I thought I was going to have to write an angry review. I am glad this is not the case. In this installment of the Mick Sinatra series, Mick and Roz aren’t a united front. Things are a bit shaky in the Sinatra household as it seems that Mick has reverted to his neglectful ways. Situations in this book will shock you and seemingly an event from the past, and a new player on the scene is about to rock Mick and Roz one event at a time. There is one event in this book that stuns the world. The family will come together, and some of Mick’s actions will shock those around him. It is always good to see my favorite characters crossover into each other’s stories. Big Daddy/Jenay; Tommy; Reno; Sal/Gemma. I enjoyed reading this story and seeing a different side of Mick; however, I was slightly disappointed with how the author was going to make Roz. Roz is Mick’s equal in every way. This means if Mick doesn’t take less from anybody, Roz should not take less from him. He married her out of all the women, even Bella Caine, who everyone knows he favors the most.

Rated: 5 stars

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