Book review | My thoughts—Severed

Book four of the Alien Mate Index by author Evengeline Anderson is an alien warrior BBW I/R Science Fiction Paranormal ménage romance. Rylee Hale was rethinking her career path. She was a struggling new business owner and after a hard day at work with some difficult clients. All she wanted to do was relax, instead she is greeted by her cheating ex-deadbeat boyfriend Phillip. Rylee trues to get Phillip to leave, but things go from bad to worse when he pulls a gun on her and from worse to crazy when that are sucked through her bathroom mirror onto a spaceship naked! Drace and Lucian are alphas who were mistakingly mated bonded. They will do everything they can to break their bond. Their clans are mortal enemies. Things don’t turnout like they had hoped and their bond only becomes stronger with Rylee. With Lucian’s mother working against them they will break the bond the just pledged to each other, it will have dire consequences for one of them. I enjoyed reading this story and would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good sci-fi paranormal read.

Rated: 4.5 stars

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