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My first story by author Tricia Copeland. Its clean story of a boy meets a girl, but the boy already has a girlfriend. Mina Cooper is still attempting to get over the loss of her mother. She has returned to college, finding some sense of normalcy working her job at the coffee shop. She meets Connor Dalton and his girlfriend, Lora, after misspelling her name as L.A.U.R.A. as well as not adding the foam art to her ice coffee. Mina and Connor learn they have several classes together and are placed together and start to grow closer. Conner and Lora breakup when he informs her of the plans she and his family have for him are not what he is looking for for himself. Connor lets his interest in Mina be know and his upset once he finds out that she kept an important event in her life from him, while he has been telling her about his dreams and desires. I am not sure I received the full book, as it ended with Mina and Connor agreeing to let their friends know they are now a couple.

Rated: 3.5 stars

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