Book review | My thoughts—Charlene’s Choice

Book one of the Sistaz Club by author Tasha Hart is a bwwm interracial romance. My first read by this author and it’s fast paced. While things are going well in parts of Charlene’s life they are about to change in a way she never imagined. Logan and his colleagues just won a huge case and they are out celebrating one of them takes it a bit to far and get a right hook and a slap for his trouble. If Logan wasn’t impressed before he is doubly impressed now after paying his tab he leaves his number. Logan finally gets his date and from the wall to the bedroom. The. reality sets in, will Logan stick around with the extra baggage of Charlene’s family.

This story moves fast and the timeline has me wondering how it’s Monday and Logan isn’t at work when Charlene’s little sister calls. This story had some promise; however, it’s a bit convoluted. I can’t honestly recommend this story, as I had a hard time finishing it.

Rated: 2.5 stars

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