Book review | My thoughts—Haruki

Book one of the Haruki Arima series by author Laine Watson. In the beginning, I felt a little sorry for Summer, and then she became a little bratty, and I wanted to slap her upside her head. The author made her unlikeable quick. I seriously dislike bratty female characters; it makes it hard for me to finish a book. The brattiness of the character makes her so unrelatable. Summer Vaughn didn’t have an easy upbringing. Dealing with her overly successful mother leaves her lacking in some areas and makes her socially inept. The mom in this story isn’t very likable either, the way she not only talks to her daughter, how she talks about the father of her patient. Summer Vaughn meets Haruki Arima during her junior year of high school while she is going through a Junior Entrepreneur Program. Their first meeting is less than stellar. There meeting six years again later is slightly comical. Haruki is a successful businessman with a young son, and Summer is still figuring out what she wants to do with her life.

Summer, Max, and Haruki become closer as Summer becomes Max’s babysitter. They things start to get a little dicey when mom makes her move. Oh yeah, mom is in lust for the single father too. Earlier comments aside, it was a well-written story and my first read by this author.

Rated: 4 stars

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