Book review | My thoughts—Noah the Beast

Book two of the Brothers Black series by author Blue Saffire. I can’t tell you how many times I have read this book and I didn’t write a review for it…I am shocked! Follow along this journey to discover how the love of Noah and Rebecca/Bean started. Bean has always loved Noah and she hoped that one day he would return those feelings. Well today’s it looks like that day has finally arrived. Did the title of the book live up, yes it did Noah is a Beast. So sit back relax grab a glass and pour some wine and enjoy this love story. Side note: Are there any men like this out there?

This story leaves clues and has twist and turns so if you have read Wyatt the Heartbreaker, you will be like so that’s what happened.

A well-written story that is layered, and just when you think something is missing, grab the next books in the series, then you will understand. This series will play with your emotions. This story introduced me to my second girl crush, Roni. #bluecrack4ever!

Rated: 5 stars

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