Book review | My thoughts—The Salvant Brothers • Axl

Book one of The Salvant Brothers by author Sonja B. was interesting. Axl Salvant the older of three boys is living the high life only a sixteen year old can, until one day something changes his life forever. The man Axl knew as his father had a problem and one day it came to collect the debt owed it. The next couple of years were not good to Axl after what he went through, then being forced to become a hit man or his brothers would suffer. One bright spot in his life Monica was never far from his thoughts and he was sure she a had moved on. A plot of revenge would bring them back together in away Axl never dreamed. The story was good, but it could have been better. There were a lot of syntax errors and missing words in some sentences. I hesitated reading another book by this author as one other book I read before was not for me; my reading sisters told me that thought it was good.

The story continues in The Salvant Brothers 2 • Felix.

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