Book review | My thoughts—Brothers Black 5–Felix the Watcher

Book five of the Brothers Black series by author Blue Saffire. Felix Black is the fourth brother and watcher of the family. The quiet computer genius who is in love with his best friends sister Kaye Porter. Kaye has been in love with Felix her whole life; he has been her friend and confidante when she needed one. Except for the one time, she couldn’t confide in him, because it wasn’t her secret to tell. They will go through things that will test their relationship. Felix and Kaye’s story is a re-read for me. I enjoyed their story and had a lot of Dayum Felix moments. Well written, story with well developed characters. I have posted one of them below.

”I asked you that so I’d know if I would be waiting until our wedding night to claim you or if you’d let me turn your ass out now,he hissed into my ear. ”You’re mine, Kaye. The moment you let me taste your lips, you became mine. I’m a Black, baby. We play for keeps…”

Felix Black, Blue Saffire (2018)

Follow the #bluecrack clues—A Home for Christmas Novella is next.

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