Book review | My thoughts—Decadent Delights

Reana Malori’s Collection of Steamy Tales is a collection of five quick bite drama-less stories.

Accepting the Dragon – is a paranormal dragon shifter story. Sheila Graves has been in love with her boss Takashi Nakashima and he a bit longer than her. It’s time for this dragon to claim its mate.

Dinner for Three – is a polyamory story of Celine Jefferson who meets Adrian Marshall and Jake Huffington. A merger brings more into her life than Celine thought it could. She gets two men who will love her for life. It’s more than she could have hoped.

Hidden Depths – is a second chance story of the Roxanne Barnes and Adam Marshall. Adam always wanted Roxanne, but a senior dating a klutz who is also a freshman isn’t a good look. Sixteen years later they would meet again, will the jock turned computer geek genius, finally get the girl he has always loved?

Naughty Nanny – is a May/December story of Cherie Gilbert and Rick Harper of finding love where you least expect it. Overheard words spoken will cause a misunderstanding that will lead to revealing heartfelt emotions.

Holiday Desire – who doesn’t love a good holiday story. Desiree Stewart didn’t know that the love she was looking for was right there all along in Trent Barnes. Trent has had enough and lets her know he can longer be her shoulder to cry on. Trent will find out tonight if she willing to take a chance on them or he will walk a way.

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