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Book two of the Tribute Brides of the Drexian Warriors by Tana Stone is an sci-fi alien warrior romance. How is a girl to survive after not one, but two kidnappings. Bridget’s life was going extremely well, although her past was full of tragedies. She was a part of the Miami dance company and then they unceremoniously dumped her, then she tried out for a game show and what happens next sends her reeling. Abducted has a tribute bride for and alien race called the Drexian. Bridget is promised to another, but her heart beats for the one she can’t have Kax. Kax is drawn to Bridget, he wants her but he cannot have her because of his condition. When she is kidnapped by the enemy he will risk his life to bring her back. I enjoyed reading this story, this book was suggested to me. It is a well written story.

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