Book review | My thoughts—Brothers Black 7–Jonathan the Fixer

The final book in the Brothers Black series, **sigh**, I have enjoyed every bit of the ride. Yes, including the infamous cliffhanger. One thing that rang consistent with me about the men characters of this series; all of them were protectors and each of their woman had no doubt who they belonged to or how their men felt about them. Heaven help the one who tried to tear them apart! Can I tell you I was not ready for the epic ending of this series! There were so many ‘Oh my dayum, she did that, LMAO, and I didn’t see that coming moments in this book for me! Roni is a f’ing Boss! The pairings and revelations will leave you on the edge of your seat or have you sitting up in bed. I loved John and Roni together. Follow the breadcrumbs and all the answers from the previous books can be found. I finally know who Jordan’s parents are and the message Sammy had for Ryan! Yay! A well-written story. I loved all the brothers, Jonathan is my favorite! #teamfixer

This saga is not over, folks, we will see these characters again! **fangirl squeal!**

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