Book review | My thoughts—Legally Bound 3–His Law

The third book of the Legally Bound series by author Blue Saffire. Pamela Kemble, twin sister of Paige Mairettie (Legally Bound), is going to keep Nate on his toes and call him out on everything and then some. Initially mistaking her for Paige he was troubled by his attraction to her. Pam learned ta-Day, Nate took her to school and showed her that he is a master instructor and graduate summa cum laude in making her forget anybody that came before and why no one will come after him. She wasn’t ready. When secret are revealed Nate will find himself fighting for his family. A recommend read and re-read.

I‘ll grant your wish Baby,” Nate said silkily. “Give me tonight, I promise when I am done you won’t know his touch and I doubt you will even remember his name. Cause I’m that dude, I’m that dude the will destroy that pussy and brand my name all over that shit.”

Blue Saffire, 2015

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