Book review | My thoughts—Legally Bound 5.2–Illegal Treasures • Camille

5.2 of the Legally Bound series Illegal Treasures-Camille by Blue Saffire. Ugh!!! She is killing me with this story; Camille’s book ends with heartache. It’s not over, though—another part of the story leading to Legally Bound 5.5. Camille is in a fight to reclaim her life from her evil father and sleazy husband. Camille is a boss. New characters will appear, and old favorites will take part in this story. You are going to love Logan O’Brien. The clues are there, so keep following the bread crumbs—a recommended read and re-read of this saga.

“There’s not one motherfucker in here that’s about to show me a motherfucking thing,” I hiss out.

Logan O’Brien, Blue Saffire (2016)

Follow the #bluecrack clues–Legally Bound 5.3-Illegal Desires • Misha is next.

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