Book review | My thoughts—Blinded by the Sun

King Ellie’s new series A Dark Rebirth – Book One is a reincarnation story with twists and turns if you are not paying attention and following the story carefully, you may become confused. Ciro Gaël Sarkozy is a don who is in an open marriage to Tatyana Sarkozy until he murders her for betraying him. Kingsley Storm is gifted to Ciro, as she threatens to kill herself rather than having coitus with a sadistic patron of her uncle’s brothel. King is a genius who has never seen the inside of a classroom and is in awe of Ciro. They will know heartache, pain, and memories of their past life together will start to resurface. Ciro is determined not to cause King the pain that he caused her in their past life. As a reader, I sometimes have trouble following this author’s style of writing when she spins stories as such; however, this one I enjoyed reading and was able to follow along as I visualized the story in my mind. A good erotica story weaved between hot sex scenes. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes to read erotica with a past life twist.

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