Book review | My thoughts—The Salvant Brothers 4–The Showdown

Book four The Salvant Brothers series by author Sonja B. is a book of revelations. Andres, Axl, Felix, and Adam have become family in a way they never thought possible and that bond is only solidified once they are over in Italy. Things revealed will rock them to their core. Andres will find out his father played the ultimate puppet master in not only his life but the lives of the woman he loved and their children. The showdown will reveal all the players and some surprising allies. The OGs are coming to play and who they are will shock them all, except Andres since is is one of the originals.

There are some funny scenes in this story, like her previous stories in this series the author has a lot of syntax and grammatical errors. Overall it was a good read. I would recommend to anyone who likes mafia related stories.

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