Book review | My thoughts—Carwrecked

Beau is not ready for the vision that emerges from the water. He is grieving the death of his wife, but the woman who comes from the very depths that claimed her life as taken away his pain. They have an unforgettable night on the beach and again in the beach house he use to share with his wife. Celeste is a woman with secrets and she is running scared. All good things must come to an end, not that Beau wants it that way. He is determined that they will see each other again. A jealous controlling ex, a want to be, and Celeste’s own plans to keep Beau safe will separate them for a time. There will be a moment of betrayal felt when some truths come to light.

Cameo appearances from Axel and Heaven as well has their friends from Axel in Heaven. A well-written story by author Francesca Penn and I would recommend to anyone who likes a finding love when least expected story.

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