Book review | My thoughts—Releasing The Silent Killer

Author Sonja B. brings us Davide and India’s story from The Salvant Brothers series. We meet Davide and India in book 4 – The Showdown. Want to know more about Davide Russo, then this story is for you. We learn how Davide became The Silent Killer, as well as how his sister Dominique became Ghost. Davide meets India in a most unusal way during a botched deal with her father. He orginially took her as a barginning chip; however, things between them escalate quickly from captor to captive lovers. As Davide makes his claim on India, an ex attempts to killer her and he finds out more about his parent relationship than he was ready to deal with. Davide should have never let his guard down knowing there where loose ends. He may have won the battle, but the war is coming if he doesn’t get his sister back before his father comes out of retirement and removes India’s family from the face of the earth. Who is the Russian?!

The author still has issues with syntax and grammatical errors, misuse of and missing words; it was still a good read.

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