Book review | My thoughts—Baewatch

Xavier Neal’s beach setting romantic comedy of Brooklyn Headley, Top Chief lifeguard and Scott ‘Ax’ Maxwell, surfer, lawyer, and seaside thrif store owner, who loves making beach references and is fascinated with feet (Brooklyn’s). Ax recuses Brooklyn from a disastrous date, and the attraction is instant for both parties. After some missteps on Ax’s part: 1. the unexpected from his older brother and wife with less than flattering first impression (the wife, April, thought Brooklyn was the help); 2. the very awkward introduction of an old flame, Knox McCoy, Adrenaline series and the piece de resistance; 3. Thanksgiving at his parent’s house, which didn’t end well. It was a good read and different from her other story where the characters conversate with the reads has the story moves along. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes beach referenced dialong and podophilia. The Sunshine and seashells phrase made me thing of Velma when she said “Jinkies!” in Scooby Doo.

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