Book review | My thoughts—Shake You

Book four of the Boys of Trinity Hall series by M.V. Ellis is an enemies to lovers college bully romance of Bryce ‘Bear’ Hamilton and Honey St. George. It looks like someone may have discovered the secret society of Cygnus Dei. Someone is playing a game of cat and mouse with the boys of Cygnus Dei and Honey St. George. The Dean of the college has Honey, who runs the college newspaper, interview a reluctant Bear, and she finds this as the perfect opportunity to learn more about Cygnus Dei—and they want to know how much she knows about them. Things become more than heated between Bear and Honey. They have more in common than they think besides the sexual attraction, which is level five hot by the way, they also have a common foe. Who is the bearer of the Polaroids? It seems like Bear is becoming someone Honey loves to “hate.” I enjoyed reading this book, although I have to admit that Xavier’s book Break You is my favorite; however, I look forward to reading about Fox and Kane. I would recommend this book to anyone who love a good enemies to lovers story.

Next in the Boys of Trinity Hall series – Take You.

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