Book review | My thoughts—The Wolf and the Thief

Emery C.F. Bryant’s interracial suspense romance is a story of El Lobo and his Belleza/Amirah. El Lobo comes from a troubling past, as a little boy hated by the one parent he had left, even as she lay in his arms dying she crushed him. Hugo DeFonza, has taken everything from him and he promised him that one day he would come for him. Twenty years later Hugo DeFonza is still up to his old tricks and is as evil as they come. Amirah Evans is caught in his crosshairs. She want revenge for the death of her sister and to expose Hugo DeFonza’s illegal activities. Time has run out for her, Hugo has caught up with her and plans to have her before he kills her. El Lobo rescues Amirah from the clutches of his enemy. The chemistry between Amirah and El Lobo is irrefutable. El Lobo will try hard to deny it when he finally gives in. He will allow it to consume them both. He had one single focus to kill Hugo DeFonza, now he has two, and the second is to protect Amirah. El Lobo who never thought to find love or have someone accept it in return now has found the love of his life in Amirah. I enjoyed reading this book; it was suspenseful in the sense that the reader could assume there is a connection between El Lobo and Hugo DeFoza, but what type of relationship it is isn’t revealed right away.

I thought it was a paranormal when first placing at the cover. It’s not. I would recommend it.

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