Book review | My thoughts—An Over 50s Plus Size Romance

J A Fieldings and BWWD Club’s bwwm romance book one is a bwwm, plus size, bbw, over 50s, billionaire romance. As a reader I wish this story had a better title than An Over 50s Plus Size Romance. Joanna Glasgow recently lost her twin sister and decided to take the trip they had planned to fulfill her sister’s wish. She meets a couple on their honeymoon and the wife decides that she must set Joanna up with their friend. Fate has other plans when Joanna gets caught up in a bad snow storm and finds herself stranded with Harry Beckford. Harry needed to get away for a bit, after dealing with the betrayal inside of his company, he needed the sirene setting of his cabin in the mountains of Apesn, Wisconsin. Harry is instantly taken with the woman who lands on his doorstep. Xavier Martin is the man, that Joanna was to have coffee with. There is a connection between Xavier Martian and Harry, but how deep and why Xavier is so hostile regarding Harry is not revealed in this book and we may never know the answer. It was a good read, but it left me with questions. Such as: What does Harry’s sister Janie, know about Xavier Martin; what happened to Xavier Martin at Beckford Inc. I would recommend, especially for readers who are looking for books with characters over 50.

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