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Book two of the Clark Family series by author Evelyn Sola is a finding love where you least expect it romance of Dr. Jason Dupree and Alexandra ‘Alex’ Malone. We first meet Jason in Crave; he is Jake’s best friend and adopted into the Clark family. Jason isn’t thinking about love or finding his one. He is a carefree bachelor living the bachelor’s life; that is until he sees her. When he first sees her face to face, he is rendered speechless (I can hear Dan + Shay’s Speechless playing in the background during this scene), so much so she thinks something is wrong with him. His sister Mellie and new friend Ananda get into their head that these two belong together, although Alex is having none of it. Her mind is set on Dr. Doyle, a man who ghosted her. Jason does get the girl, and things are well until his past comes back and is bring a little gift. This exploded epically from there, Jason is fighting to get his girl back, but Alex is having a meltdown. All Alex has known from the time she was little was her and her mom, then her mother passed, and she felt she finally found what she needed with Jason. Amid the chaos that is going on around her, Alex will find out that she is not alone or without family who will love her. I enjoyed reading this book, loved the interaction and chemistry between Jason and Alex. I also loved seeing Jake and Sandy’s wedding play out. I would recommend this story for those who love fighting for love romance.

Next in the Clark Family series Crash.

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