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Book three of the Clark Family series by Evelyn Sola is an enemy to lovers’ story of Lucas Clark and Vivienne Chateau. Lucas is the youngest brother of Jake and Vivienne is Sandy’s cousin. We first get a glimpse of their dislike of each other in Crave. Vivienne and Lucas were dealing with different situations of pain. Vivienne’s stemmed from a controlling father and a mother who she didn’t think cared enough. Lucas was dealing with another hurt altogether, a relationship went wrong. Things take a turn, and they meet somewhere in the middle; however, when Zoey and Tori come to call, and Vivienne’s mother shows up uninvited, things get a little tense. Lucas lets her know she is the only one for him. While Vivienne has poured out her heart and past family drama to him, what she finds out about Lucas’s past with Tori sends her running again, and Lucas is determined that he will not let her go. I enjoyed this book as well as the entire series. I have to say I expected this story after Crave. I would recommend this book for anyone who likes to read enemies to lovers story and the series who loves a good interconnected series.

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