Book review | My thoughts—Family Ties

Sydney Addae’s A La Patron novel allows us to take a peek what has been happening with the lives of our favorite Alph Silas and his mate Jasmine and their family. In this story, Jasmine went against Silas to grant her sister the family she wanted, and that decision could possibly upset the nation as we know it. David and Sarita are enjoying a well-deserved vacation from their mission of rescuing pups, and it seems like they will have to save her sister and her mate Jake from an alpha who wants to still the pups and Kim. David and Sarita learn of the Queen Bee, who had played to kidnap Kim and her pups. Bella and Adam were traveling and decided to stop and visit her mother’s grave and see her father. Bella learns more about her mother as well as her parent’s relationship. Jasmine must now deal with part of the aftermath involving her sister and her mother before Silas steps in, things will never be the same between mother and daughters. Someone’s jealousy got the better of them, and the outcome was not what she hoped it would be. Renee and Storm visit Razor and Trisha. Razor has an issue on his hand that only Storm can handle. A Hunter, they don’t want him killed as he may be the key to finding out more about Hunters. I enjoyed reading this story and would recommend this book to anyone who loves books with wolf shifters.

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