Book review | My thoughts—The Blood Wars 1 · Savior

The first book of Bee Daniel’s The Blood Wars series is a mafia romance of Mia Williams and Aris Drakos. Mia is left heartbroken after finding her fiance, Eric, and best friend, Ashley, in his bed together. Mia meets Romanos Vandoulakis/Aris Drakos when she sees him outside with a bullet wound. She mends him back together to the detriment of herself by stealing hospital supplies. Aris is trying to find out who wanted to kill him, they run into a bit of trouble, and Aris feels that he needs to take Mia with him to Greece. Aris is the first son; although adopted, he feels obligated to fulfill this adoptive father’s wishes by marrying the daughter of the family they are feuding. Pierce, Aris’s brother, doesn’t like Aris as the firstborn by his father. Mia made it clear that whatever they had in the states was over. It’s always those that are closest to you. This could have been a very good story; however, the story’s writing was very rough, poorly developed character and dialogue, and lots of grammatical and syntax errors.

Next The Blood Wars · Prisoner.

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