Book review | My thoughts—The Blood Wars 2 · Prisoner

The second book of The Blood Wars by Bee Daniels is Pavlos ‘Pierce’ Drakos’ story. Pierce, believing because he is the firstborn by blood son of Gianni Drakos, should take over the family when his father is ready to step down. Pierce is a hothead, quick-tempered, and response to his emotions, which is why his father is hesitant for him to lead the family. Pierce goes to Markos Ramos’ fashion house to collect money owed; however, things go left really fast, and a designer is killed, and Markos is in a coma. Evelyn’s life was spared by Tatiana Petraki’s idea that Evelyn designs the collection. She will have to redesign the whole collection using her own designs since Pierce’s men threw out what they assumed to be trash. Pierce and Evelyn’s dynamic is unclear as he treats her as a nuisance and his new favorite toy. Things take a turn, Pierce and Evelyn become loves, and Tatiana seeing this begins to play a dangerous game with Pierce, one that will leave one of the women dead and start a war. Someone is gunning for Pierce; Markos had reached out to the ‘Beast‘ to handle Pierce, so far, he hasn’t, and Pierce is trying to find out and kill him. This could have been a very good story; however, the story’s writing was very rough; poorly developed characters and dialogue; lots of grammatical and syntax errors, and lack of research.

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