Book review | My thoughts—The Kilgrain’s Gift

Book one of Shay Rucker’s well-developed suspenseful paranormal story. Morgan and her friend, Tegan, find themselves in a pinch trying to escape the castle they had broken in. They find themselves in the fight for their lives when the clan overtakes both Tegan and Morgan. Cillian is the Kilgrain clan leader, and he is going through the Nocturnal Transition and has been this way for two full moons. The clan has had difficulty finding an Rí for the Kilgrain and needed to find one quickly. A known enemy attacks the clan with unknown weapons. Morgan demands Sorcha’s take her to the leader to help Tegan. Sorcha takes Morgan to their clan leader and locks her in with him. Morgan taunts Cillian, first by calling him a rat, then Ben and it was on an f&f fest, and when it was all over, Cillian had found his Rí. Cillian and Morgan learn there mating brings about a change in both of them. Morgan knows more about the spirits who are always with her. A traitor in the clan, Morgan, Sorcha, and others will find themselves fighting for their lives when the traitor is revealed.

I can’t wait for the continuation for this new series.

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