Book review | My thoughts—Never Date a Siren

Byrd Nash’s A College Fae Magic series informs you to always questions those you come into your life especially if you are going to a school full of fae. Always to know the company you keep, this is a lesson Logan Dannon finds out the hard way. Caught in a spell casted by his ex-siren girlfriend Sybil, Logan is slowly dying. He meets Brigit a wood fae, by warning her that something was in the drink being offered to her. Now that she owes a Debt of Gratitude and Fiat of Harm, because of the bond they now share because of Logan’s ex-Sybil. Brigit will do everything she can to release Logan from Sybil’s thrall and her from the debt that is owned. I enjoyed reading this book. It was a well-written story.

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