Book review | My thoughts—A Monster’s Obsession

Book five of the Arrangement series by Kasey Martin is a second chance story of Sasha Phillips and Sawyer Nash. The last person Sasha expected to see at her best friend, Raven’s wedding, is Sawyer Nash. The man she left two years ago with only a Jane Doe letter and without a trace. Sawyer couldn’t believe his eyes, the one woman that walked away from him and never looked back is here at his brother Lennox’s wedding. Sasha has been ducking Sawyer, and he has been giving her some space, until the one day he comes to collect his due and finds her with a business rival. Sasha has bitten off more than she can chew, and it’s Sawyer to the rescue. There is a traitor in their midst, the past is about to meet the present, and Sawyer will kick ass and ask questions simultaneously. I enjoyed reading this book, loved the well-developed characters and well-written story. I would recommend this and Sawyer’s brother Lennox’s story, Heartbeat.

Next book in the Arrangement series – Hale to Pay.

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