Book review | My thoughts—Hale to Pay

Book six of the Arrangement series is a well-written slow-burn story by author Francesca Penn. An attempted kidnapping, a deal made, an intervention, a wedding, a misunderstanding, and love can be found in this story. Imala LeClaire has caught the eye of one Caerwyn ‘Wyn’ Hale. Caerwyn has already made up in this mind that Imala is his. I enjoyed the interaction and the way the author told their story. Caerwyn is a different breed of Hale, and I love how he is with Imala. The author weaved the story, incorporated characters from other books, and a follow-up of what had happened to those characters and how they interacted with Caerwyn and Imala. Imala has a close relationship with her sisters, and I believe she wanted Wyn to have the same with his brother Berke, but that could happen with him over in Manchester. In a way, they grew together, and although to Oran, Imala will always be his angel. To Wyn, she went from being his Caterpillar to his Butterfly, but she will always be Oran’s angel. I hope there’s more to see of these characters from Founder’s Island.

It looks like Esme has met her match in Dr. Delgado. I have to say it would have been interesting if she would have been matched up with Berke. I can’t wait for more books from the Arrangement series.

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